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  • Music Artist Sponsorship

    About the band

    The name of the brand is Olusola David, Ayibiowu

    Our style and genre is Christian Gospel Music

    We can tour nationally, locally, or internationally

    Our average audience and fans online is more than 350 people in size as its keep increasing with time.

    The demographic data of your audiences is from all over the world online?

    Who sponsors you already? We are presently looking for sponsors both home and abroad worldwide



    Band Description.

    Our brand is open online for fans and brand members who are Christian and willing to sing for Christ.

    Our brand will send an invitation to the musician or singers who is willing to be part of us.

    My first song title: Help of God is an inspiration from God which was received in a dream at night on April 8, 2017, and as I woke early in the morning when the song was still ringing in his spirit as he kept singing on until the song was developed in audio and videos slides.

    As I was doing research, I discovered a website which was named ReverbNation and later uploaded the song to ReverbNation.com. Hear all the songs of Olusola David, Ayibiowu on ReverbNation.com Visit: tiny.cc/dstj4y

    Presently we are in collaboration with Gracefield Studio for our studio recording and many more. Visit: http://tiny.cc/pws35y

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