Community Development Association (CDA)


Creative Arts Solution Foundation is presently working together with BOSHOA which is a Community Development Association (CDA) of Bolaji Omupo and neighbouring streets as BOSHOA is an abbreviation of combined names Streets known as BOSHOA
B: Bolaji omupo Street.
O: Olu-Ajisegbede  Street
S: Sunday Dejo close
H:Henry Adigwe close.
O: Oladeinde Street
A: Apate Street.

Our foundation works directly with CDA in order to solve societal challenges in our community as we looked into Healthcare program for our community development, environmental change s like flood affecting the environment as climate change.

Community volunteers are organized to help cover create awareness as they reach out to the people living in the communities.

We organize meeting and programs on a weekly or monthly basis in order to address the issues that are affecting the communities mentioned earlier.

Goal was to enable us to do our very best in creating cleaner environment in our community.

Enable the children to live a life that is void of disease.
Empower women to have a day or voice in our community development.

Educating and creating awareness about a substantial income in our community through grant empowerment that enable people to develop a long time plan for their support and future benefits for their business
Creating a conducive environment in community that enable us to get better health wise

Mobilize women to educate parents on how to take care of their children so that they don't contact disease
Youth programs are also designed in working together our community in order to reduce poverty and increase the rate of employment opportunity through grant by Creative Arts Solution Foundation.

Eradication of poverty in our community development association with the help of grant make available for the people to carry out their business requirements in order to sustain livelihood


 Community Development Association (CDA)
( Borehole )
Mr. Moses Adewunmi (CDA) 
on the left, 
Mr. Olusola David, Ayibiowu
 President (CASF) 
on the right at the ongoing 
Community Water Point.
  Creating a borehole for the community
Mr. Olusola David, Ayibiowu President (CASF) 
 Ongoing Community Water Point Sept 2018
Commencement of project: 
Sept 2018 -15 Oct 2018
Commission: 20 Oct, 2018
Grant: Lagos State government community grant was given to the CDA to help the community development association.
Beneficiary: BOSHOA Community Development Association





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